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The relay selection committee will be meeting shortly to select relay teams for the upcoming SC Junior State Championships which will take place weekend of 22nd - 23rd September 2018.

All swimmers 12 yrs and under, will be considered for selection!

However teams will be selected primarily from swimmers who are confirmed entrants into the Junior SC states event.

Please book your child into Junior SC states by Wednesday the 12th September so we know they are entered prior to the relay selection meeting.

If any swimmer (12 yr or Under) who is unavailable to participate in a relay, please advise Allison Packer by email @ before Wednesday, 12th September.

Alternatively, If your child has not entered into junior states and wishes to be considered for relay selection please contact Allison Packer by the 12th September.

The Relay committee will determine the initial swimmers (and reserves) selected for teams. a majority decision is required by the panel.

Using an up to date set of Meet Manager results, athletes will be ranked in order of approved times to form an initial list.

The teams will be initially formed by the fastest athletes/combinations on the initial list and then changes made with justifications noted taking into consideration all available information regarding particular events, and the overall needs of the team.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Splits not recorded in Team Manager

  • Training Performance

  • Injury or any other reason for poor performance during the year

  • Time elapsed since time was achieved

  • Reasons for extra ordinary performances during the year

  • Timing of event

  • Team competitiveness

  • Conflict or compromise to an athlete’s individual event

  • Availability of Athlete

  • Conduct of Athlete

  • Attention will be paid to ensuring no athletes has been overlooked.

  • Consideration for reserves and pre-planned alternate swims will also take place.

The Relay Selection Policy is available on the Breakers website

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