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NATIONALS Fundraising - Candle Making

National swimmers are invited to participate in candle marking to help fund-raise the costs involved in attending National Swimming Championships in Adelaide 2019.

National fundraising is optional, however 100% of money raised will be distributed back to the athletes who participate in these fundraising activities and attend a SAL Australian Championship event.

All eligible national swimmers who would like to purchase candles, can you please email Todd at and let me know how many box’s you would like?

Please note there will be capped limit on orders depending on the total orders received.

There will be a mixed dozen selection per box.The candles are $18 each ($18 x 12 = $216 per box) Please make EFT payment upon pickup of your candles or let me know of your payment plan.

If you have any questions, please email me. I will be in touch via email with your order and available time for pickup. Allocation of candles will be assigned by Friday 12th October midday.

Please see attached documents for commitment of allocation of points and roster for candle making.

Can all interested members email Alan at and stipulate your 3 preferred time slots? Alan will send out an email once all spots have been allocated.

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