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Update from Dani

I will be away on a long awaited cruise, my last session on pool deck is Tuesday 20th March, returning Tuesday 17th April.

I understand the timing of the holiday isn't great with major competitions very close, Junior States, National Age and Last chance meet, and it was a very difficult decision to make. My Wife and I will be spending time with our very best friend of many years who is celebrating his 50th birthday. After nearly 11 years without any major holiday it was time to take a break.

The Coaching Program will be running the same with no major changes to sessions.

Harry Clarke will be taking the reins at CLC, Cameron Hawthorn LPB. George Harnetty will be covering sessions Monday/Friday AM, Karen Briggs Tuesday/Thursday AM and newly appointed squad supervisor Gaye Pocrnja will be covering sessions on Monday/Wednesday PM and Saturday AM.

As time gets closer towards the major meets please get information from your main coach on which sessions to attend. Swimmers going to National Age will be training together closer to Taper which is massively important in regards to being a team.

In regards to HP swimmers attending National Age and the health of Coach Bud McAllistair, who over the next 2 months will be having two major operations. Our coaching staff will be covering the HP sessions until Wednesday14th March. Coach Greg Berringer will be then stepping in for the next week; following this Leigh Nugent will be coaching the HP squad until they fly out to Nationals.

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