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Breakers Swim Club is a popular and successful swim club based north of the river, currently based at Craigie Leisure Centre. The Club offers a variety of squads ranging from stroke development through to High Performance at a National Level.

We have a strong partnership with WAIS, with a number of our swimmers having been offered either full scholarships or Training Agreements. Our coaches liaise with the High-Performance coaches regarding swimmer talent and pathways with the view to ensuring we have the appropriate aspects in place to support the success of our swimmers. This approach provides ongoing development and mentoring opportunities for our coaches.


To be an exceptional swimming club of choice, that inspires a lifelong love of swimming.

We deliver on our vision by developing, promoting and sustaining a united club culture that adopts a whole of Club approach to inclusiveness and diversity that inspires each and every member to fulfil their own greatest potential.

Breakers Branded Bathers

We now have Breakers bathers available for all swimmers.  These will be available to buy via the Joylyn website.

A short film By Ethan Battle

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Our club aims to develop and sustain a holistic approach to the swimmers health, fitness and all aspects of their wellbeing.

Running a program that focuses on the longevity of an athletes overall development and sustained growth and is tailored to each swimmers own personal requirements (open water, stroke specialist, sprinter / long distance)

Taking a Holistic approach delivered through;

  • Education programs - Wellness - (mental & physical), nutrition, injury prevention and management etc.

  • The mental game focus

  • Broader access to technical workshops through the WAIS Partnership

  • Swimmers to own their own clock and take ownership of their own progression

Continual opportunities for complementary programs such as land and gym training programs.

Uniform Shop

To arrange to check availability or purchase & collect any uniform items please email the Property Officer (Hannah Fackerell). Alternately message Hannah on the Teams App.

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