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The Club Today

The Breakers Swim Club offers a comprehensive squad program at the Craigie Leisure Centre (CLC).  The program caters for competitive swimmers, surf, triathlete and open water swimmers from the 7 year old in our Stroke Development squad through to the adult National Swimmer. The Breakers Swim Club is a dynamic and forward thinking club which offers great programs in addition to the squad program; these include from time to time pilates, spin classes, gym training for senior swimmers, a comprehensive land work program, official time trials, club championship events, and at least two major meets at HBF Stadium each year.

We also undertake fundraising and social events throughout the year. Breakers WA Swim Club has developed a holistic program including assistance from Nutritionists, Physiotherapists and a Sports Psychologist, amongst others.  In the previous 12 months, Breakers Swim Club has seen many swimmers compete at local, state and national level and a number of these have been finalists and received state and national medals. Our swimmers have also been successful in other events such as the Open Water State and National championships and State Surf Lifesaving Championships.  We look forward to growing and developing our club with a focus on the swimmers and the club and we anticipate greater success at all levels in the seasons to come.

Our History

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2009 - 2018

In 2009, Dani Dielesen took over as head coach of Breakers Swim Club. With the commitment of both the Coach and Committee have provided a solid start for the awakening of the Breakers WA Swim Club and we look forward to an exciting future.

In 2015, we expanded to take over the program at Leisure Park, Balga but unfortunately due to low numbers this was discontinued at the end of 2018.

2006 - 2008

In 2006 the Annual General Meeting resolved to rename the club to Breakers Swim Club. The refurbished Craigie Leisure Centre opened in August 2006 with the club achieving over 30 registered competitors within the first month.

2003 - 2005

With the closure of Craigie Leisure Centre for refurbishment in early 2003 the club faced an uncertain future. Faith in the club to rebuild saw both the Committee and the City of Joondalup support the Head Coach, Jan Corkill, in her efforts to maintain a nucleus of swimmers to provide the club with a foundation for the future and the potential to grow back to its original strength.

In 1997 the club amalgamated with Wanneroo Swim Club and became known as Wanneroo Breakers Swim Club. The club continued to perform well in both the club pennant competition and general competition events. Breakers regularly produced state and national finalists.

1997 - 2003

1995 - 1996

The 1995/96 season saw the Breakers Swim Club continue to improve. They won the gold pennant by a convincing margin, and finished a firm second in the 'B' grade pennant

1993 - 1995

The 1992/93 season saw the birth of yet another new era as Sue decided to give up as coach and after much discussion, the Breakers decided to cease employing their own coaches and adopt a new structure which would allow a totally new approach to the club's development.

Matt Williams took over as Head Coach from his father during early 1993, and the 1993/94 season was one of rebuilding and consolidation for the Breakers. At the end of the season they remained in the green colour, and the 'C' grade pennant. As the club's depth continued to grow throughout the '94/95 season their competitiveness improved and was manifested in the winning of both the green colour pennant and the 'C' grade pennant.

The 1995/96 season saw the Breakers Swim Club continue to improve. They won the gold pennant by a convincing margin, and finished a firm second in the 'B' grade pennant

1992 - 1993

The 1992/93 season saw Breakers align with Craigie Leisure Centre's coaching squad. Graeme Williams, who was Craigie Leisure Centre's swim programme coordinator, had previously coached the Breakers during the '80s. It was a natural progression for him to initiate this new coaching squad which was an extension of the Centre's comprehensive Learn to Swim programme.

Graeme Williams, was the inaugural Head Coach of the squad assisted by his son, Matt Williams (Junior Development) and later long time Breakers'Swim Club member and now coach, Ian Mills with Jan Corkill (Junior Development).

The 1992/93 season was a difficult one as club membership had dwindled just prior to the season's commencement and there were many age groups severely lacking in swimmers. Breakers came last in the gold pennant series and last in the 'B' grade series.


His untimely death in 1990 left much sadness among the club and throughout W.A. swimming, however he left a legacy of a strong club that in time continued to grow in strength.

When Frank Osman died, his wife Sue continued to coach the Breakers for another two seasons, keeping the club alive through this difficult time.



Originally known as 'Advance Swim Team' and then as 'Waterworld Breakers', the club has had many coaches over the years. Many of those coaches are recognised as part of WA Swimming history such as Ray Pitcher, Ray Utting, Barry Rose, Frank Osman, Sue Osman and Graeme Williams.

During the eighties, the club moved from Pitchers Healthworld (now Kicks Whitfords) to make the newly opened Wanneroo Waterworld (now Craigie Leisure Centre) its main training venue and home pool. This was the beginning of a new era for Breakers, and it was largely the coaching skills and determination of the late Frank Osman, which saw the club build to a high competitive level.

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